Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Good Life : Fish Market Role Call!!

A Legendary night!!

Chali, Laidlaw, JSmoov, Deploi, Myka 9, Anon, St. Mark, Ellay Khule in a row.
And Freewill in there too somewhere

Songs.... "Fishmarket", Gangstarr's "Mass Appeal" into The Roots "Hot Music"
special guest: Walter Turner iii drums (new guy with me & Chali)

House Of Vibe takes over Harvelle's every Wed night.
It's a party y'all!

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  1. When Chali mentions this set feeling like THE GOOD LIFE, that statement might just go over the heads of even the most "hip" of the underground scene of days gone by, unless you were in LA in the early 90's and were fortunate enough to know about this little hood Cafe tucked away in a strip mall at the corner of Crenshaw and Exposition. THIS is where JURRASIC 5 was born. This article I found tells the story of THE GOOD LIFE pretty damn well: